Keep CALM and eat Ice Cream

Summer would not be summer without Ice-cream. Ice-cream is the favorite currency of love.

About Us

"It is like a temptation to eat ice cream instead of something that is better for you."

JoJo Ice Cream delights in being one of life's simple pleasures, creating sweet childhood memories and happy times with loved ones over scoops of good quality ice cream. It's homemade, gelato-styled ice creams and sorbets are made with high quality, premium ingredients with no preservatives, artificial flavoring or coloring.

Ice cream cravings are not to be taken lightly.

We only provide the best ice cream ever

What inspire us to do this?

Our founder feels Ice cream is the perfect buffer, because you can do things in a somewhat lighthearted way. Plus, people have an emotional response to ice cream; it's more than just food. So we think when you combine caring, and eating wonderful food, it's a very powerful combination.

Our Best Seller

Each and every flavor we made are 100% from fresh ingredients!

Belgium Chocolate
Apple Cinnamon
Thai Tea
Oreo Monster
Watermelon Sorbet
Dragon Fruit
Mango Tango
Lemon Orange
Durian (season)